Between Dance and Sign: Linguistic Segue Anatomy

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      • Jacqueline Wigfall, Independent Scholar of Cultural and Cognitive Literary Theory, China


    From sight words and word walls to vocabulary bookmarks, readers are host to massive word piles. But what if we didn’t do literacy this way? What if instead, we regarded words as energetically interconnected, and therefore fully present on the cognitive platform shared with signing and embodying through physical movement? What, for example, is the moment between formations during a silhouette dance routine? Does it have Labanotation or a MovementWriting symbol? Can it be expressed as ’body contact’ point the way ASL linguists refer to the touch of two handshapes? Do all words ’touch’ to share intermediary moments (and not by way of the typo when space bars are forgotten)? What if, instead of the alphabetic strands, diagrammed sentences, and architectonic stroke orders, we delved into cytokinetic word emergence to experience the bubbling out of word power as each one becomes? Maybe then, we could kinetographically surmise how one sign becomes another in the mind – which is what this paper will attempt to do, with comparative consideration of alternative models, e.g. hip hop freestyling and zoopraxiscopic signifying.