New European Security Agenda in Trump Era

    • EUPE Florence Dec2017
    • Presentation speakers
      • Doga Eralp, American University, Washington, USA
      • Elham Atashi, Georgetown University, USA


    Trump Administration’s “America First” motto left European Security Architecture in limbo as the European Union members has so far relied on the NATO assets as the main backup in instances of imminent threats. However, as the White House calls for further contributions by the European members to the NATO budget and demonstrates a lack of willingness to own the NATO agenda, EU members find themselves at a point of no return where the EU has to develop its competencies in its CSDP and step up the development of its Civ-Mil cooperation instruments through its own resources. This paper analyzes the opportunities associated with EU finally developing its genuine security architecture while identifying possible issue areas of contingent risks where American interests may clash with European ones. Russian expansionism, de-escalation of the Syrian Civil War, and lran Nuclear Stalemate are examined as three case studies as the Trans-Atlantic relations face its biggest challenge since the end of the Cold War. The paper concludes that a made-in-Europe CSDP will bolster the Trans-Atlantic relations and encourage mutual respect.