Euroacademia in Action

  • The unique role of Euroacademia comes from strategizing, prioritizing, standardizing and putting into action interactive and cooperative ideas and projects that foster a comprehensive addressability of the European realm in socio-political and cultural terms. The Euro-focus is not at all Eurocentric but rather a determined option for a broad, inclusive and creative understanding of a segment of worldwide realm that is exposed to an increasing saliency. Euroacademia is therefore implementing with a focus on high standards for action the following types of activities:

    Weeklong Euroacademia Regular Sessions

    The Euroacademia Regular Sessions take place twice a year in Vienna and aim to gather a wide number of participants and Euroacademia collaborators and to offer an opportunity for extensive and structured contributions within the area of topical concern for Euroacademia. With the generic goal of strengthening interdisciplinary and intercultural academic exchange and dialogue, it offers lectures, seminars and key speakers sessions , expert insights and high profile personalities inputs together with structured best practices sessions complemented by cultural and social activities. It also offers valuable networking opportunities for participants, contact making, cooperation planning and agenda setting for future joint activities.

    International Conferences

    Euroacademia organizes a wide variety of regular international conferences throughout the year for the selected participants and their determined audiences. The conferences provide the opportunities for dissemination and valorization of individual and team research projects, completed works or the ones in progress. Carefully structured in the frame of panels and workshops the conferences feature high profile academics, researchers and practitioners in the field together with offering the opportunity for early stage researchers to share their work, interact and get advice from established scholars. Conferences are also viewed as platforms for articulation of new topics of research, formulating new puzzles and engaging methodological debates. The conferences of Euroacademia are organized on a regular basis in Vienna, Graz, Prague, Budapest, Venice, Milan and other culturally attractive cities where the organizing team can function within the parameters of most optimal conditions for participants.

    Symposia, colloquia, workshops, professional debate sessions

    Euroacademia organizes on an irregular basis a wide variety of academic events with delimited and carefully structured audiences and plethora of participants. The symposia, colloquia, workshops and the professional debate session emanate from the needs resulted during regular Euroacademia events and projects and aim to strengthen close cooperation, dissemination and interaction on well defined topics that require a more limited, intimate and professionalized environment and a higher degree of specialization within a topics of interest. These events are also seen as platforms for project building, network structuring, agenda setting and action planning.

    In-Residence Conferences

    Euroacademia will start implementing in 2015 the pilot editions of conceptual events conceived as in-residence conferences. These conceptual events bring together in special cultural locations a plethora of participants that act as presenters of on-going research and interact during a week in open floor workshops. The research dimension of in-residence conferences is doubled by specific activities that consist in the effective immersion of participants in local cultural practices of the destinations through cultural seminars, historical introductions of the hosting regions, museums and sights visiting, integration in local community practices.

    Non-Formal Education Projects

    Euroacademia prepares for implementation non-formal educational events for young researchers consisting in methodology trainings, summer and winter schools, projects of active social involvement and initiatives that bring together entrepreneurial initiatives and potential future employees.

    Webinars and On-Line Courses

    Euroacademia envisages the implementation of an on-line platform for webinars and on-line courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students

    Internationalization and Mobility Support for Researchers

    Euroacademia is directly involved in the process of facilitating research mobility for researchers in Europe through mobility grants and international cooperation platforms for specific research clusters