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    Euroacademia aims to become a dynamic hub for expertise, project building and implementation on Europe-related topics. Projects are envisaged as creative disciplinary endeavors aiming to facilitate feasible and active cooperation. The shape of the projects is determined by the research designs resulted from academic cooperation and configured by SMART goals and the aim of value addition to existent knowledge and methodologies.

    Euroacademia Projects are built as:

    • Research activities on predetermined topics with stated aims and goals, robust methodologies and expected results that are setting the boundaries for cooperative action
    • Research activities based on dynamic preset designs that bring together individual researchers and research teams in order to achieve specific outcomes within the project’s life cycle
    • Opportunities for assessing and/or formulating research puzzles that can be addressed in a creative manner through joint work, prioritization and shared competences
    • Outcomes oriented frameworks for academic cooperation that have a multiplying effect of knowledge and research interests spreading, projects extensions and building agendas for new projects emanated from the outcomes of the on-going ones.
    • Generative processes with spill-over effects on additional academic interests that foster curiosity and involvement of multidimensional and trans-disciplinary research interaction


    Euroacademia projects are set up on the redistributive funding within Euroacademia non-profit activities and comprehensive applications for alternative founding at institutions that support research, sponsors and donors. All projects are set on a project management framework and directed by operational goals. The projects are centered around a Steering Group that asserts the expertise, priorities, methodologies and the project management frame. The steering group selects project participants based on available founding, inter-institutional collaborative action, internships, and voluntary addition of members within determined research teams.

    Euroacademia Projects:

    Non-European Understandings of Europe
    Europe and the Paradoxes of Self-Understanding
    European Identity: Towards Robust Methodologies and Accurate Measuring
    The Politicization of Europe and the Persisting Democratic Deficit
    European Union and the Politics of Europeanization
    Europe and the Inclusion/Exclusion Nexuses
    European Union and the Refurbished Eastern European Other
    Assessing the Political Convergence Within the European Union