Bulgaria’s Inclusion into the Eastern Enlargement of the EU

  • Abstract:

    The actual Bulgarian crises of EU post-accession conditionality have a long history. This history started with the delay in the first steps of Bulgaria to EU and slow progress in pre-accession conditionality became the permanent characteristic of Bulgarian participation in the Eastern enlargement process. The EU neglected Bulgarian slow progress in a few occasions and stated its position as equal as the other candidate states of Central and Eastern Europe. In this context, the political rhetoric about double standards in the EU Eastern enlargement is incorrect. The purpose of the presentation will be to survey Bulgarian inclusion in EU Eastern enlargement regardless of the delay in Bulgarian first step to Community. The text will be constructed around tree main components. First, the summarize of the realistic explanation for the delay institutionalization of relationship with the European Community in the beginning of the 90s and the supplement of the constructivist explanation; Second, the observation of the chronology of the Bulgarian first steps toward EC; Third, the equal treatment of Bulgaria as a part of the potential candidates of Central and Eastern Europe based upon the Copenhagen’s conditions, illustrated in the official documents of the European Parliament.