Geobiosocial instead of Geobiopolitical Re-Inventing of Europe: New Approach to the Sociology of Europe

  • Abstract:

    Re-inventing is necessary, for the integrality of life in Europe, for the coexistence of nations, in the, until now, divided Europe. It is needed instead of the concept of coexistence of political and financial oligarchy of pro-stalinistic and pro-fascistic type. Europe needs re-inventing after the collapse of the Berlin wall and newly built Schengen wall. Instead of re-inventing inside of the geobiopolitical type of understanding of existence and life development in Europe, geobiosocial type of understanding of existence and life development is necessary. Instead of the closed type and anthropocentrism, the open type of Europe with the ecocentric system of values is necessary: concept of cooperation instead of the concept of conflict between the countries in Europe, particularly among the nations from the West with the nations from the Eastern Europe. Instead of the colonisation of eastern European countries (old concept of western European countries expansion), coexistence is required, cooperation as the basic principle of evolution (cultural, political, economic, legal, social, and security aspect). Europa is peninsula of Asia. Therefore, is seems natural to think about re-inventing euro-asian cooperation. Except the value orientation – ecocentrism as the fundament concept of coexistence of nations in Europe, new understanding of the concept of “democracy” is necessary. Constructive anthropology in education is needed, for the purpose of existence. Instead of the process of dehumanisation in Europe (exclusion of millions of people from the labour and life in the society), the humanisation process in Europe is needed – as in Eastern Europe, as much as in Western Europe. Re-inventing is necessary for the construction of Europe instead of its destruction. Eastern Europe can not be the periphery of the Western Europe, in the function of submission of the global capitalism system; old concept in the new form of the ultimatum of Western Europe towards Eastern Europe; EU-Directives demand re-inventing of the colonisation (attaching to the Western Europe, based on the power gained between the first and twenty-first centuries. Europe has been trying, from the position of the mighty, to unite five times during the last twenty centuries. It has not succeeded. It will not succeed even the 6th time due to same reason – superiority of one nation and one state. That is a serious demand for Europe. Re-inventing “yes”, for the new civilizational order in Europe – horizontal instead of vertical dissemination of power: new understanding of the concept of democracy and freedom; constructive instead of destructive anthropology. Euroacademia should free itself from the limited and narrow thinking: creationism and evolutionism. Creationism can not be validated, and evolutionism is unacceptable because it offers violence as the development form. Intellect of the Euroacademia can do that, through education instead of schooling. Europe asks that from the intellectuals with moral consciousness and ethics. Europe demands invention instead of innovation, in the cultural and material production in terms of the philosophy and theory of dematerialisation of the civilisation and liberation of the world of things in favour of the concern for life in Europe. For cultural Europe against the dictatorship of plutocracy, financial and political oligarchy in 21st century; for democratic instead of autocratic Europe. That is the essence of re-inventing Europe and the world against social darwinism in Europe. Re-inventing on Europe “yes”, but based on the culture instead building the bases on the politics.