The New Phenomenology: Re-discovering Emotions through Atmospheres

    • Cover Venice
    • Presentation speakers
      • Veronica Iubei, Faculty of Philosophy, Heidelberg University, Germany


    In the modern age, among all the cultural and societal conquers, we are all spectators as well as victims of a deep solipsistic isolation and a sort of “disembodiment”, i.e., the dissolution of the own body as the sounding board of emotions in collective contexts. The intimate nature of human being, primordially rooted to the world through “pre-reflective, interpersonal experiences ” is increasingly neglected and downplayed to an empty, flat realm of technological facilities. The present talk wants to propose again the phenomenological lesson on the lived body, conceived as “the real core of subjectivity” , both from Merleau-Ponty’s works and the New Phenomenology, which is a totally new project in philosophy aiming at exploring the atmospheric, pre-cognitive dimension of existence, against all the technological self-alienation.