The Dynamics of Eastern Europeanization and the Impact of ‘Membership Credibility’ in Enlargement Rounds Compared

  • Abstract:

    Research on enlargement-led Europeanization has extensively focused on countries from Central Eastern Europe and only recently enriched with studies dealing with specific issues and/or countries from Western Balkans. Still more comprehensive study across new and previous potential member-state countries is needed.

    This article will assess to what extent the new and previous potential candidate countries from Eastern Europe have been able to bring their policies and institutions – both in formal and practical terms – in line with the EU requirements.

    By tracing the progress of all, previous and new, candidate countries we will show the asymmetry among enlargement rounds in adopting and implementing EU acquis. In this respect, ‘membership credibility’, that is CEE accession and later accession of Bulgaria and Romania, has been an important factor in adoption and implementation performance of the WB region.