The Influence of the Immigrants in Atlantic, Colombia for the History Art, the Culture and Urban Identities in the XVIII-XX Centuries

    • Lucca November 2017
    • Presentation speakers
      • Giovanni Polifroni Lobo, Universidad del Atlantico, Barranquilla, Colombia
      • Delma Esther Rocha Alvarez, Universidad del Atlantico, Barranquilla, Colombia


    This article provides a brief description of the historicity that presents the city of Barranquilla, taking into account the set of situations that cause the historical facts and the predominance of the settlements, customs and vicissitudes with multi – trends that have influenced the conduct of its current inhabitants, as a result of the consistency of the different preferences in all areas of human coexistence. The mission of this influence is expressed in their behavior, accommodation, art, cultural events, gastronomy, among others. At the same time, art in the city of Barranquilla is expressed in their homes, decorations and styles that marked an important time in areas of knowledge, such as the architecture (the typical characteristics of Arab houses and the legacy and the importance of El Prado). In the urban context and the landscape of the city, art, sociology, anthropology and history in general are shown in their different styles and trends of your important manifestations of a golden age in the city of Barranquilla; at the same time, highlights the administrative and socioeconomic and political factors that have made a difference in their conservation, preservation and transformation of the barranquillero stereotypes.