Turkey-EU Relations and The Role of Turkey for EU

    • metin
    • Presentation speakers
      • Metin Aksoy , Selcuk University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Konya, Turkey

    The political life emerging from the end period of the Ottoman Empire has been essential for the establishment of the Turkey. During this period the democratization process has gained an important role under the impact of Turkey’s potential membership in the EU. Nowadays, the EU has to take decision regarding the membership of Turkey that will determine the position of the EU in the international system. Because, there are many discourses and assumption about the EU and its mission. This decision also will be important to Turkey to show whether EU is a Christian club or not? This can be the main turning point for the a part of humanity. Because, the decision of the EU about the acceptance or rejection of the membership of Turkey, will caused the emergence of assumption of the clash of civilizations as has been claimed by the Huntington. So we can say that there are open options for the EU to show whether is to be just a Christian club or not, or to show whether EU truly stands for respect for human right, democracy and membership criteria which are perfect examples for a more peaceful and liable organization that includes many different countries with different cultural, social, economic levels. Also, Turkey has to make a decision from that perspective to be a democratic country like any European country or to become a semi-democratic country or a semi-authoritarian Middle East country. Such a decision plays an important role during the membership processes. These are the possible open assumption for the Turkey to be chosen from. Such choices can define and determine the situation of Turkey in the Europe.