Branislav Radeljic

  • Keynote Speech: Europe and the Collapse of Yugoslavia: Existing and Potential Arguments

    Branislav Radeljic provided an overview of the existing debates within the field of the social sciences closely related to the disintegration of Yugoslavia. His forthcoming book, on which his keynote speech was based, will look at European Community involvement in the Yugoslav state crisis and the role of non-state actors. In addition to these, Professor Radeljic is interested in and has written about the presence of Islam in the EU and its impact on future EU policy-making.

    Dr Branislav Radeljic teaches International Politics at the University of East London’’s School of Law and Social Sciences. His main research interests focus on the study of European Union politics and the Western Balkans. He has spoken and presented his research at numerous conferences and public lectures across Europe, America and Asia. He is a member of the editorial boards of the Review of International Affairs and Law and Policy Review.

    Euroacademia Recommends the New Book by Branislav Radeljic


    Europe and the Collapse of Yugoslavia: The Role of Non-state Actors and European Diplomacy