6th Forum of Critical Studies: Asking Big Questions Again


23 – 25 November 2017

Agora Cultural Centre, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy

Conference Description:
Some say that the 21st Century or modernity altogether made humans more concerned with doing rather than being. As the classical Greek civilization valued most the reflexive thinking as a form of freedom from natural necessities, contemporary times profoundly involve individuals and the imaginary accompanying social practices in a restless logic of consumption, competition and engagement that profoundly – or some would say, radically – suspends or indefinitely postpones the autonomous capacity of human beings to question and reflect upon the social order and the meaning of social practices. The fast advancement of a peculiar logic of post-industrial societies, the gradual dissolution of alternative models to the capitalist logic and a multitude of other alerting factors pushed ahead a global spread culture of one-dimensional productions of meaning that advances a closure rather than a constant reflexive re-evaluation of cultural and social practices.
The 6th Euroacademia Global Forum of Critical Studies aims to bring into an open floor the reflexive and questioning interaction among academics, intellectuals, practitioners, artists and activists profoundly concerned with evaluative understandings of the world we’re living in. The focus of the forum is to initiate an arena where no question is misplaced and irrelevant as long as we acknowledge that evaluation, critical thinking and contestation are accessible trajectories to better understand our past, present and alternative scenarios for the future. The Forum is also an open stage for sharing existing or ready formed intellectual visions and expose them to dialogue and scrutiny in a critically reflective environment. The 6th edition of the forum is the last edition to be replaced and followed from 2018 by the yearly Festival of Critical Studies to be held in Lucca. The Festival aims to become a creative meeting point for all the critical studies perspectives coming from intellectuals, academics, performing artists, change makers and idea shapers.

Conference Panels

Asking Big Questions Again: Bridging the Gap Between Critical Theory, Culture, Politics and Social Praxis
Performing Identities: Performativity of the Body, Gender, and Sexualityy
Thinking Contemporary Culture and Education
Art, History, Cultural Diplomacy and Critical Assessments of Politicized Representations of Identity in Arts
The Eurozone Crisis: Transformative Impact on the European Project and Model(s) of Capitalism
Identity and the City: Urban Transformations, Transition and Change in Urban Image Construction (Section 1)
Critical Contemporary Economics and Politics: From Local to Domestic and International Dimensions
The Sequential Arts: Comics as Critical Cultural Nexus
Identity and the City: Urban Transformations, Transition and Change in Urban Image Construction (Section 2)


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