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    Euroacademia is aiming to become a wide network for cooperation and interaction within the intellectual arena by promoting particular research interests on Europe in its social, cultural, political and dynamic transformative dimensions.

    All Euroacademia activities are collaborative facts. We are welcoming therefore all types of partnership, sponsorship and collaboration for fostering the knowledge based society, organizing events and framing new projects. We welcome you as our partner!

    Euroacademia is a non-profit and non-patrimonial organization legally established in Vienna. We target funds solely for achieving our active goals on short, middle and long term. All founds are redistributed for building research projects and conferences and all action within Euroacademia is voluntary.

    Added value in supporting and sponsoring Euroacademia:
    • Becoming partner in an emerging ambitious and active network
    • Supporting active dissemination of knowledge and values independent from institutional parti pris or any type of ideological bias
    • Being part of a vibrant environment of active intellectual exchange
    • Supporting the development of the knowledge based-society
    • Investing solely in action: sponsoring includes no personnel expenses: all action under Euroacademia is voluntary
    • Offering a chance for researchers worldwide to disseminate their work, interact with peers and build future cooperative projects and practices by acting as multipliers
    • Becoming visible as active partner in an high quality and well structured intellectual agenda insulated from market, political choices or exogenous influences
    • Empower your corporate social responsibility action by supporting Euroacademia’s SMART goals oriented projects

    By becoming our sponsor:
    • You get exposure and nomination as Euroacademia active partner
    • You get access to all Euroacademia events
    • You receive special space on the Euroacademia website for promotion
    • Your logo is presented in all Euroacademia events as partner
    • You receive space for promotional purposes in Euroacademia events
    • You are entitled to distribute promotional materials to participants in Euroacademia events and projects
    • You enter in a contractual relation with Euroacademia that entitles you to deduct according with financial laws the amounts directed through sponsorship
    • You get free support from the young and enthusiastic team of Euroacademia for strategizing about realist corporate social responsibility activities