Our Vision

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  • The knowledge based society is structured through constructive interaction, sharing, dissemination, cooperation and building common agendas for inquiry

    The correct understanding of our world cannot come from puritan methodologies but from inter, trans and multidisciplinary approaches

    The self-understanding of Europe and of our contemporary world calls for constant reappraisals and for vivid cooperation among individuals, groups, institutions, researchers and for creative and critical debates

    The world of knowledge is structured in a dialogical fashion that has to ground all robust research endeavors and generate sustainable collaborative networks

    The progress of understanding and comprehension relies on disciplinary and interdisciplinary dialogue, sharing and critical assessment of peers

    Serious energies must be directed towards creating and implementing individual and joint academic frameworks for cooperation, comprehensive conferences, workshops and symposia where the world of research exercises and strengthens its addressability

    Facilitation of academic cooperation, interaction and networking generates middle and long-term benefits for all the individuals involved, for the disciplinary networks and the communities at large through fostering, supporting and promoting research interests, projects and enhancing a sharper socio-cultural understanding.

    The right path for addressing research is pluralism and inclusiveness that give voice to all valuable approaches without institutional biases or exclusive mainstreaming choices or methodologies

    The advancement of research based knowledge is a bottom up process and relies on independent channels to promote and provoke alternative thinking and methodological innovation