Doing Research on Europe and the EU: Topics, Puzzles and Challenges

Euroacademia Workshop - Doing Research on Europe and the EU: Topics, Puzzles and Challenges

The Euroacademia First Graduate Workshop
Doing Research on Europe and the EU: Topics, Puzzles and Challenges

27 – 30 October 2011, Graz, Austria


The Euroacademia First Graduate Workshop ‘Doing Research on Europe and the EU: Topics, Puzzles and Challenges’ aims to bring together graduate students, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers in an interactive platform for sharing, disseminating, and assessing ongoing research focused on topics of specific saliency in understanding past, current or future developments in Europe or connected to the European Union. The workshop is addressed to young researchers and creates a special opportunity for them to share their work with their colleagues but also to have a chance to expose their work to public scrutiny and receive valuable feedback both from other participants and professors and experts that will act as advisors and discussants for specific work-groups divided by topics and/or methodology.
The Graduate Workshop will create an interactive setting where young researchers can present, compare and assess the developments of their accomplished work or in progress ones based on small groups divisions that foster interaction among similar topical concerns yet also the possibility to enlarge their own research vision by comparing it with the endeavors of their colleagues and adding to that the benefits of the shared expertise coming from invited experienced academics. Small scale work-groups and larger scale workshops for all the participants will also bring on the table the possibility of brainstorming and sharing the ups and downs of research work, emerging puzzles and methodological challenges, meta-analytical tools and cooperative frameworks that can strengthen future collaborative work among the participants.
Graduate students, doctoral candidates, post-doctoral and young researchers are welcomed to submit an abstract. Representatives of INGOs, NGOs, Think Tanks and activists willing to present their work with impact on or influenced by specific understandings of the European Union are welcomed as well to submit the abstract of their contribution. There are no restrictions of field of studies or expertise and we welcome students coming from various backgrounds like European studies, political science, critical studies, cultural studies, history, anthropology, social psychology, semiotics, philosophy, sociology and wider and inclusive interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches that contribute to a better understanding of the ‘self-organizing vertigo’ (Edgar Morin) of the European realm. The workshop aims to be diverse and interactive in nature yet it will be organized to best fit the interests and the expected outcomes of the participants.
Abstracts will be reviewed and the participants are selected based on the proven quality of their abstract. The submitted paper for the conference proceedings is expected to be in accordance with the lines provided in the submitted abstract. It is expected to be an original paper, an article to be forwarded for publication, a chapter or an articulate summary of a dissertation defended or in progress. Prospective participants can also make proposals for thematic workshops to be included in the program and attended by participants with similar shared interests. The event is envisaged as a flexible one in order to best answer and fit the participants’ needs.

Each Workshop may contain a maximum of 8 speakers and a Chair that will act also as a Discussant.
Deadline for Workshop Proposals is 15 September 2011 

Application Closed

The First Euroacademia Graduate Workshop – Doing Research on Europe and the EU: Topics, Puzzles and Challenges

Participation fee: 150 Euro

The participation fee includes:
- the registration fee
- all the materials for the workshop
- access to Euroacademia discussion group and newsletters
- discounted rates for participation in the future Euroacademia conferences
- coffee brakes with snacks for all the duration of the conference
- wine reception and a cocktail with buffet dinner for 27 October 2011 – the opening day
- lunch on 28th and 29th October 2011
- social program
- certificate of attendance
A registration form will be sent to accepted participants that must be filled in and sent to [email protected] until 1st of October 2011 and until the 5th of October 2011 the payment of the participation fee through bank transfer is requested and considered as the final confirmation of attendance. No paper will be introduced in the program without confirmation and payment of the participant fee.
Unfortunately, Euroacademia has no available funds for covering transport and accommodation in Vienna. Participants are responsible for finding funding to cover transportation and accommodation costs during the whole period of the conference. Official letters can be sent by Euroacademia to the financing institution to confirm the selection and participation in the conference upon request.

Important Dates
15 September 2011 Deadline for submitting Workshop Proposals
25 September 2011 300 words abstracts and details of affiliation
27 September 2011 Notification of acceptance
1st of October 2011 Sending the participation form
5 October 2011 Payment of the conference fee
10 October 2011 Sending the draft paper to be uploaded on the web site of the conference
15 October 2011 Publication of the conference program and uploading the draft papers on the website
27 October 2011 The Graduate Workshop commences

The First Euroacademia Graduate Workshop – Doing Research on Europe and the EU: Topics, Puzzles and Challenges

27 – 30 October 2011, Graz, Austria
Deadline for applications:25 September 2011

Application Closed