Accessing Culture of the Indigenous People through QR Code and Multimedia

  • Abstract:

    Tap and you learn. Mobile technology affects people’s lives. Users are addicted to their mobile devices due to its interactive features. Multimedia plays an important role on why people keep on using their mobile technologies to gather information through combined text with video, animation, audio, graphic and virtual reality. In this study, multimedia elements is stored in a Quick Response(QR) Codes; a two-dimensional barcode application that stores information in Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or other multimedia format, a QR reader can be installed in mobile devices. At present, people are very dependent to technologies because of its portability, convenience, and ease of use. Since young people today adept to technology, than learning their culture in a traditional way, this study was conducted to generate QR codes to learn and access cultures of indigenous peoples shown in multimedia-based elements. The research used in the study is descriptive. Respondents were indigenous peoples in the Cordillera Administrative Region-Philippines. Random sampling technique was also used to gather data through surveys and downloading of multimedia elements was also used. Secondary data was also utilized to have reliable data. Results show that the expressions of cultures and the multimedia elements are very much liked. Further, the end-users perceived to be very much benefited from the advantages in using the system. Implementation and enhancement of the study is highly recommended.