Applied Social Art History as a Method to Aid Cultural And Social Integration Of Communities

  • Abstract:

    This paper presents a novel method for social/cultural integration through art engagement, drawing on methods from art history and anthropology, coined here as Applied Social Art History (ASAH). The paper will provide the conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of Applied Social Art History as a method for social/cultural integration. It will also provide an outline for practical application. Results from the pilot project evaluation carried out by Art for Integration and Social Transformation LTD (art: IST), which concluded on December 1st, 2016, will bring forward the insights generated from applying an integration lens to art workshops, as well as presenting the projected next steps for this body of work. Whilst the case study of this paper is rooted in the United Kingdom, Applied Social Art History as a method and the integration precedence is not limited and can be implemented in Central and Eastern Europe as well.