Between the Imagination and the Reality: The Muslim Converso Identity in Iberia During the 16th and 17th Centuries – New Artistic and Literary Approaches

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      • Borja Franco Llopis, Ramón y Cajal Universidad Nacional, Spain


    Peter Wenreich in his article “Psychodynsamics of Personal and Social Identity” stressed that “Identity has become a catch-all term that promises much, yet disappoints profoundly”. It is true that, in the last years, terms and expressions like “the other”, “otherness”, “ethnicity”, “identity” have been used in the titles of several papers of History, History of Art and Anthropology. These words are like “trending topics” in the 21st century historiography related to the necessity of define or re-define all the members of the multicultural societies who lived together in one period. In our paper we are going to show how was created the Morisco (Muslim converso) identity (or identities) in order to condemn or expel him from Spain, using several literary excerpts and Iberian altarpieces.