BETWEEN YOU AND I. The Aesthetic of the Real: A Contribution to a Holistic Art Reception

  • Abstract:
    “What pattern connects the crab to the lobster and the orchid to the primrose and all the four of them to me? And me to you?” All his life, Gregory Bateson was on a quest to find the “pattern” that everything connects. I really cannot say at this point if he found a final answer to this question. In any event, it would have been his answer. The question leads me immediately to that mysterious figure of thought that can only ever be its beginning: myself. In order to be able to enter into a sphere in which I can come up with a response, I must first of all have answered for myself: Who am I? Who has not asked himself this very question at some point in his life? And if there are answers to it, such as ‘I’m Tina’, ‘I’m an art scholar’ – who is it saying that? What would happen or remain if especially the last part of the sentence drops out? The great, scary, unknown, indescribable I AM.