EU Perspectives Between Politics, Economics and Ethnicity: Are There Lessons To Be Learned From The Cases of Former Yugoslavia and B&H?

  • Abstract:
    The future of the EU seems fogy at the end of 2012. The EU might eventually prove efficient and able to survive discovering its own and new way out of crisis. Practically speaking, the survival of the EU and the Euro begs for the creation of a political union. A political union asks from its members to surrender a part of both economic and political sovereignty. The USA has become first a political union and consequently a monetary union. Former Yugoslavia used to be a political and monetary union. B&H is a sort of monetary union, and likewise the EU, B&H is not a political union. Yugoslavia has got disintegrated. B&H is on the verge either of disintegration or eventually integration. In this paper I try to draw some lessons from both former Yugoslavia and B&H past that might be useful to be considered in the context of the EU’s future.