External Democratization Efforts Of European Organizations In Armenia: Unintended Side Effects?

  • Abstract:
    The paper investigates the achievements and challenges of European organizations as external factors in promoting democracy-oriented reforms and democratic institution building in Post-Soviet Armenia. Several European organizations – such as Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Council of Europe (CoE), and European Union with the Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and Eastern Partnership – have already been actively engaged in the process of democratic transition in Armenia for years. There have been many achievements so far, such as constitutional and electoral reforms, however challenges still persist. Accordingly, the present paper will scrutinize the achievements and challenges of European organizations in the country. By comparing the activities, recommendations and projects implemented by these organizations, this paper explains where their projects overlap or hinder each other, as well as analyses where they show an interlocking or interblocking nature or where unintended side effects occur. With exploring the possibilities and limits of external democratization, the paper gives the Armenia’s perception on the work done by the European organizations.