Fluidity of Identity Built through Muscles: Between Sport and Artistic Creation

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    • Presentation speakers
      • Isabel Fontbona Mola, Theories of Contemporary Art Group, Universitat de Girona, Spain


    This proposal aims to present a peculiar approach to escaping from the dual gender conception. With the intention of being able to make a personal contribution, this proposal aims not only to show a reflection in line with my doctoral research, but also to provide a basis for this through the sports activity experienced in one’s own skin in the bodybuilding field. The main focus of this proposal lies in shattering the gender stereotype by means of the body modification carried out through bodybuilding, being critical of the suffocating regulations that these bodies have to meet when they are assessed on stage. We will focus on the context of art through female artists or transgender artists who have used this discipline to modify their bodies, and by doing so, have managed to give a stronger message than in the field of competition. Some of them will be Cassils (Canada-USA), Francesca Steele (UK), and the author of this proposal, Isa Fontbona (Spain).