Greek Symbolism: The Quest of its European Identity: The Representation of a Movement in the Hellenic Art

  • Abstract:

    The period of the Greek Symbolism extends from the end of XIX century till 1930. It is significant that, in the hellenic area, the Symbolism took the responsibility upon itself to express the mental depression and the intellectual concern of a whole generation. During the period of the movement’s blossoming, Greek art was seeking its identity and mostly its place in the european artistic field. The goal is to demonstrate how are the subjects of the thematics, the style and the expression of Symbolism, as we find them in the European centres, traced in the paintings of the Greek Symbolism. How can we detect the perception of the Symbolism in the hellenic area (‘‘correspondances’’) and the attempt of the Greek artists not only to attribute a european allure to the movement but also to configure the Greek Symbolism, assigning to it a very special particularity (differences)?