Identifying Money Laundering Process Using Indicators: The Case of Albania

  • Abstract:

    The main purpose of this study is to develop a mathematical model for calculating the probability of money laundering process, by monitoring the behavior of the client using 70 indicators of money laundering. The scientific method used in this study (received from the Modern Criminology) has great investigative power and it is widely applicable. Hopefully the practical application of this study will increase greatly the probability of detection and punishment of the clients who are implicated in the process of money laundering. In particular, this study will be useful for banks, Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Albania, Department of Economic Crime at the Ministry of Domestic Affairs and Albanian State Intelligence Service (SIS). Also, the investigation of money laundering will be a useful tool to detect other crimes, such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal arms trade, etc. The prevention of money laundering is simultaneously a powerful strike against terrorism both on national and international levels.