Imagining Post-World War II East-Central Europe from the Perspective of Romanian Diplomacy

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      • Marian Silviu Miloiu, Valahia University of Targoviste, Romania

    This research is undertaken under a research grant tackling the theme ‘Utopia versus realism in Romania’s foreign policy. From World War I to 1975’. The paper approaches East-Central Europe from the perspective of Romanian diplomacy. Caught between East and West during the World War II and with the perspective of a Soviet occupation regime looming ahead, the Romanian Government formed a body of experts to prospect the future setting of Europe. Additionally, Romanian diplomatic representatives offered various solutions and schemes of reconstructing East-Central Europe at the dawn of the peace, which would ensure the stability and prosperity of the region. This research, based on fresh archival research, especially in Romania, Britain, Finland and Sweden, tries to give a comprehensive picture of the plans and visions of Romanian diplomacy on the future of Europe following the end of the war.