Integrating European Identity: A Massive Challenge for the EU after Migration Crisis

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      • Ufuk Can Aksu, Independent Researcher, Sanliurfa, Turkey


    The EU countries have faced a massive challenge in terms of population flows from various regions into the EU countries – especially since 2015. The refoulment of all these people was restricted by the international law, and, therefore, the EU countries have developed different strategies to manage such flows. One of the most important permanent solution against these flows is integration policies that also prioritize European values for these people. This study aims to explore the term of “European Identity” through the integration policies of the European Union. The main argument of the study is that the “European Identity” is dominated by economic neoliberal understanding as many integration policies are focused on financial integration. Prioritization of economic concerns also creates a challenge for the idea of common European identity; therefore, the study also argues that the idea of European identity is a highly contested and illustrative concept. In this pursuit, the first part of the study focuses on the theoretical framework of European Identity and its conundrums. In the second part, the study highly focuses on the main understanding of the integration policies and current projects on the migrant integration. After that, the findings of the current integration approach and the idea of European identity will be compared to illustrate the gaps between them.