Narratology of the Exhibition Space in the Context of Displaying Identity

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      • Martyna Łukasiewicz, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan / National Museum in Poznan, Poland


    Space, placement, object. These concepts determine the perception of both particular components of exhibition and reception of a complete narration within the exhibition space. The way in objects are exhibited influence the way that exhibition’s values and meaning are perceived and experienced by the audience. According to the currently developed theory of exhibition, the multidimensionality of relations between exhibition space and objects as a final product of framing the idea by material arrangement, became a crucial aspect of rethinking museum’s narrative competence. What results could be brought by implementation the newly developed exhibition theory with its research methods and theory of narration to the reflection on exhibitions from the past? The aim of the paper is to provide specific example and reflect on the 19th Century exhibition of Danish national art, established by Niels Laurits Hoyen, which played a crucial role in the process of redefinition the national identity and at the same time creation the canon of Danish national art. How this exhibition affected the development of Danish museology and how the specific language of exhibition influenced the process of creating narration on national identity.