Or ‘The Others’ in Yael Dayans’ Prose

  • Abstract:

    This lecture shall outline how the interactions of gender and various kinds of ‘otherness’ – intrinsic to the literary work of Yael Dayan – can promote particular performances and conceptions of Jewish as well as national (Israeli) constructions of identity. Furthermore the planned lecture shall define the scope of “the others” in Yael Dayan’s prose. On the one hand the construction of the Non-Jews and on the other hand the construction of women within the Jewish Community and also the construction of the woman by way of an exception and Non-Jewish women, will be brought and thought together. However, they are not investigated separately. Instead, mutual conditions and interdependencies will be examined closely. Additionally an example of a solidary figure will be given, as a diverse concept of Identification. Close reading will be the method deployed for the analytical part. In the course of close reading, “hidden” or subversive elements, which critics as well as science treated only marginally, will be discerned. Mostly, primary sources will be analyzed on the basis of reader-response criticism and work-immanent readings. Yet, political, historical, cultural, social, sociological or structural aspects cannot be ignored. Discourse analysis, deconstruction, decolonization as well as poststructuralist and feminist theories will function as methods of literary analysis.