Performing Lecture: Practice as Research (PaR)

    • Nice November 2018
    • Presentation speakers
      • Jane Arnfield, Northumbria University UK & Leverhulme International Academic Fellow Łódź University Institute of Sociology 2018/19


    A 30 Minutes Solo Performance

    Evidence and impact from audience feedback of the performances of The Tin Ring provides examples of how specific first-hand witness testimony (delivered as solo performance) to wide ranging audiences between 2011 and 2018 can contribute to the private day to day performative archiving of witness testimony. The performance has been witnessed in fourteen countries, France will be the fifteenth, demonstrating how creative representation of an eye witness account contributes to an audience’s understanding of history. An inquiry into the value creative performance imparts, when viewed as performance of memorial (Arnfield 2017) can be experienced by the audience. Utilising one surviving female biographical account of the Holocaust from 1936 to 1946, the performance of thirty minutes (one actor – Arnfield, one prop – a chair, two sound cues, no lighting) will demonstrate the function of a second communicator/surrogate and the contribution to transmitting communicative memory and of cultural diplomacy.

    Biographical Information:

    Jane Arnfield is Associate Professor of Drama at Northumbria University UK & Leverhulme International Academic Fellow at Łódź University Institute of Sociology 2018/19. Arnfield’s research is situated within biographical theatre/theatre of witness & testimony. Understanding the role of a second communicator/surrogate within the politics of post war performance and memory.