The European Union: Politicisation of Europe?

  • Abstract:

    The term “politicisation” describes the more or less intentional instigation of political debate about a topic. In the case of “Europe” this term applies to the generation of controversy about Europe as a community relying on mutual support rather than on conflict for the resolution of past. present and future conflicts. Moreover, in the case of Europe, and – more precisely – of the European Union, one can observe, how the external enemies of Europe and its role as peaceful example and success story for the world are orchestrating a barely hidden concerted action against Europe’s standing united. And how internal agents of the interests behind such hidden agendas are playing into the hands of counterproductive interests, which can rightly be called as sabotage of Europe and its sobriety and strengths in international matters. The paper briefly resumes historical and economical facts as well as widely spread paradigms in order to shed a light behind the camouflage of developments doing harm not only to Europe, but to the world. However, to Europe, in order to mislead the world. The paper recurs to semiotic analysis and interpretation of facts and developments as signs and in doing so extrapolates an earlier paper under the title of “semioses regarding politics and economy“, in its days early predicting and explaining the roots of the financial crash of 2008 into present and future, in order to outline sustainable measures leading Europe into a stable future of self determined independence and convincingly strong prosperity based on values in all their diversity.