The Fallen of ‘The Eldorado’ of Europe

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      • Slimane Douih, University of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah, Fez, Morocco


    Moroccans like all Africans used to see Europe as Aden: the land to achieve all dreams and to live at least the minimum condition of human being lives if not a very comfortable one. The last decade, the idealistic image of Europe has broken because of the rocks of frustration. Europe fails Moroccans and many other ‘guests’ from Africa. My paper will clarify manifestation of the fallen of Europe idealistic image due to three main elements: the world economic crisis, Europe involvements in the masked ‘neo-imperialism’ and the rise of the right radicalism. No doubt, Europe tragically fails to satisfy the wills of Moroccans. My paper will focus on immigrant from Western Sahara as a case study.