The Impact of the European Model in State-Building Promotion: The Western Balkans and the Albanian Case In the EU Integration Process

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      • Irna Peshkepia, International Relations Department, ‘Kristal” University, Tirana Albania

    The European Union remains the main actor to step up for significant efforts to achieve a successful democracy building in the Western Balkans. The main aim of this study is to analyze the impact of the EU model and approach to achieve a democratic state-building through promoting political reforms in the Western Balkans. However, the study will analyze the path of the Western Balkan countries on their state-building processes and the EU’s impact on the effective implementation of institutional reforms, on political and economic change in the countries of Western Balkans. The paper assesses the willingness to promote the fulfillment of specific criteria through cooperation between neighbors as a path towards democratization and common trade. In this framework the paper will analyze the success of the EU in promoting democratic state building in the Balkan states. The focus of the study evaluates the results of Balkan countries reforms and ability to implement the EU model of state-building. As the process of democratization in the region implies first simultaneous challenges from the internal political demands and from requirements driven by external support. The paper concludes that the EU vision for the future of the Western Balkans remains dependent on the implementation of democratic reforms as the key criteria for the path of European integration in the region.