The Ontological and Metaphysical Aspects of the World Coordinate System Based on the Limits of Dynamic Equilibrium

  • Abstract:

    According of the ontological approach, all natural and cultural formations strive to three limit equilibriums: identification, communication-network and the minimum element of the code of harmonious interactions between them. However they never reach these ones. These limits create an internal cell of natural and cultural formations. External cell consists of phenomena and horizons (the phenomenological aspect of the coordinate system). World consists of two unequal parts. On the one hand the formation’s laws are the same for the chains and structures of interrelated limit dynamic equilibrium at various levels of organization of the world. On the other hand – the rest part of the world, covering nonequilibrium processes and phenomena. The main idea of the world coordinates system: “All natural and cultural formations may be associated with limiting fundamental equilibrium of the three types, which compares the corresponding coordinate axes.” Metaphysical approach considers the “Being” of three main types. “Being-essence” associated with the identification fundamental limit, which seeks to find itself. This approach was formed in ancient philosophy. “Being-existential” – is the kind of “Being” as communicative systems of different entities. These entities can stably exist only by uniting with other ones. “Being-presence” – is called in accordance with the ideas of Heidegger. This “Being” means that the coordinate system does not just exist, but actively makes itself at every level of the organization of the world. This activity is not the result of the spirit, the mind, the intellect, the will, or life. It is manifested in the fact that “being-essence” and “being-existence” are tuned to the harmonious rhythms of the world and create the cells, which is widespread the presence of the coordinate system at all levels of organization. This bond is the result of self-organization processes and is optimum and sustainable.