The Policy-Mix In the Euroland – Challenges at the End of the Post-Crisis Cycle

    • EUPE_BRUGES_2019
    • Presentation speakers
      • Andrei Radulescu, Transylvania Bank and Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania


    The recent evolutions of the macro-financial indicators confirm the deceleration (converging towards potential) and the maturity of the post-crisis cycle in Euroland, under the influence of the global trade tensions and the accumulation of several EU challenges. This paper applies standard econometric tools in order to assess the policy-mix in the Euroland over the past two decades, with a focus on the post-crisis cycle. The aim of the paper is to identify the priorities in terms of economic policy in order to improve the manoeuvre room and also to accelerate the regional convergence. One of the conclusions is that the development of the capital markets in Euroland is very important in order to address the following recessions, but also the globalization process during the Digital Revolution.