The Possibility of Philosophy of Nationality through Bertrando Spaventa’s Thought and its Alternative

  • Abstract:

    The discussion about the possibility of national philosophy is still actual philosophical problem. Because of his concern of the identity and originality of Italian philosophy, Bertrando Spaventa initiated this debate in a nation, which was being established. I will try to discuss the possibility of a national philosophy, which was asked by Bertrando Spaventa in the 19th century and in some sense, discussed by Antonio Gramsci in the 20th century as well. My question is not if Italian thought or philosophy—whatever you call it—, exists or not but the question is whether a national philosophy still exists in a national context; if there is a national philosophy what makes it to have a national character. Can we still talk about national philosophy and what makes a philosophy to be a national? The presentation tries to answer these questions. Besides, it tries to suggest a new concept in substitution for national philosophy. This proposed concept is the philosophical-culture, which contains the universal and particular in itself. Therefore, we can avoid the limitation of the conception of national philosophy. In this respect, another point worth mentioning is Gramsci’s evaluation of the separation between national-international or cosmopolitism-national State will shed light on the discussion about national philosophy by his theory of intellectual. In this point, Gramsci’s conception of culture helps us to understand the proposed concepts.