Thinking Europe: European Identity and the Enmity

  • Abstract:

    A part of my research has dealt with the enemy images which two Italian weekly magazines called Oggi and Tempo created about communism at the beginning 1950s. The detailed analyses revealed systematic and uniform practice which these two weekly magazines used to generate variety of enemy images about communism in Italy and in the world. Besides generating enemy images, the weeklies told narratives through which the idea of communists as enemies was endorsed. Through these examples, it is possible to identify the general practice about the means through which enemy images have been built in the history, and what is still a widespread practice taken advantage by the media and political power groups. In addition, the enemy images have been used to form identities of different social groups, a sense of togetherness, since the identity bases on idea of hostility of other. From this perspective is possible also to survey the question of European identity.