Urban Space in Museum Exhibitons

    • Lucca November 2016
    • Presentation speakers
      • Michal Grabowski, Silesia University / The Historical Museum of Krakow, Poland


    The intention of this article is to undertake an interdisciplinary route by combining a multitude of tools and methods from the humanities for the holistic treatment of the narratives on the legacy of the past and the present of selected European cities in particular representations of spaces and urban exhibitions. The study will analyse permanent exhibitions with their hypertext and contextual coexistence of artefacts, multimedia, polisensory tools and theatricalisation of space, as well as their recipients. The article will focus on a collision of two discourses on the analysis of exhibitions: a strictly academic one emerging from cultural studies, and a methodological one concerning museological practices. Museum architecture and its influence will be a focal research issue o this paper. The ultimate goal is the comprehensive treatment of the exhibition space as a cultural text subjected to interpretation from the perspective of iconology, cultural urban studies, anthropology of objects and museology. The paper aims to illustrate the penetration of urban spaces in their representation in museums focusing on examples from London, Antwerp, Bologna and Krakow.