Andrew Ka Pok Tam

  • Andrew Ka Pok Tam is from Hong Kong and currently studying in the University of Glasgow for PhD in Theology and Religious Studies who is strongly interested in philosophy, theology, history, geography, economics and politics.

    Andrew is the author of the book A Discourse on Hong Kong Culture (Traditional Chinese: 香港文化論), which argues that Hong Kong’s culture is independent from Chinese culture and Hong Kong has its own cultural identity. He is also a columnist in several Cantonese internet media, including and, and a pro-independence activist concerning with the issues of constitutional reforms in Hong Kong. With a strong passion in social justice Andrew wishes to contribute his academic knowledge not only to the social reforms in Hong Kong but also the self-determination of cultural groups allover the world.

    Research Interests: Kierkegaard’s Philosophy, Hegel’s Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Christian Philosophy, Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy of History, Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Language