The Death and the Resurrection of the Political in Europe

    • dana
    • Presentation speakers
      • Dana Domsodi, Babes-Bolyai University

    Our project will follow the almost dialectical way, in which the relation between the economical and the political dimension of the European Union project has evolved during the last decades.
    What initially was founded as a balanced structure of political and economical principles was perceived in the last decade (paradoxically the period of its greatest territorial success) as a sort of supranational apparatus built in order simply to impose and reproduce a certain economical system. From this perspective the contemporary sovereign crisis that traverses the European continent presents us with the bizarre new reconfiguration of the politico-economic balance in the structure of the European union: the political – meant as the last instance of decision, hence in a strongly Schmittian way – is being again highly praised and intensely demanded for, by the very actors and structures of the threatened European economical system. But in the same time the other side of the „political unity“ – the acquis communitaire, the general expectation of a certain level of political liberties and material wealth – is being gradually sacrificed in the name of saving its constituted, institutional form, the very political and juridical apparatus of the European union. Thus closing the circle, that which at the origin has been constructed as a political supranational structure meant to reflect and materialize a certain set of political principles, what in the last decade appeared to be a merely bureaucratic structure supposed to sustain and impose a certain economical system, is today reproduced as a political state of exception, in which the political superstructure (in its vulgar sense of material apparatus) and the economic infrastructure are saving themselves at the expense of the political principles they were supposed to represent and of the constituent forces who mandated them with conditional sovereignty in the first place. In conclusion, that the political is dead in Europe is already a bad news in itself. But that, at the same time, a certain Political is being resurrected – is an even worse one.