European Foreign Policy Has Already ‘Saved’ the Foreign Policies of Small States. Now it is Saving the Foreign Policies of the Large Ones Too

  • Abstract:

    “What will our European partners say – what is the opinion in Europe?”
    (Tonra 1997, 187)

    For EU to save foreign policies of Member States (MS) it means to promote their strategic interest, to give them a European scope through policy transfer to EU institutions. Else, salvage means Europeanization. Considering that the foreign policies of small states are already ‘saved’ , this paper seeks to explore the pattern of large ones. By looking at the Europeanization in the context of national foreign policies, by describing ‘salvage’ cases of small and big states within the EU area, the research also argues why in the latter‘s case European Foreign Policy (EFP) is ‘saving’ itself. Conclusions question on: EFP upgrade and on the challenges in Turkey and in the Western Balkans . Lastly, two more issues for further research.