Identity and Civilian Missions: Is there Such a Thing? The Case of EULEX-Kosovo

  • Abstract:

    Identity, as a definition and as a concept, is a complex issue. It cannot be reduced to a unicum and, far from the individual and the societal level, it may be most appealing to unveil in systems of sub-systems of international organizations. EULEX being a system (civilian mission) of a sub-system (CSDP) of an international organization (European Union) provides the most interesting example where the identity-concept may be investigated. The argument of this paper is that identity is of utmost importance for systems of sub-systems of international organizations, as it is for human beings and/or groups, for enabling the system to move smoothly in its environment while accomplishing its duties and achieving its goals. Has EULEX an identity? The truth is that it is endowed with multiple identities. Notwithstanding its necessity from all sides, the ever largest civilian mission deployed by the EU so far looks like a sidelined (but successful) negotiator before the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, a disappointing (unsuccessful) necessity before the European Parliament; a partner-digger before the Commission and a dis-oriented technician towards the Self. All these are the main ingredients for its poor performance in the north.