Witchcraft, Female Identities and Cultural Framework: A Contribution in the Blackout of Women Past

  • Abstract:

    The ritual in its context and indeed the magical one is approached as “text” and “speech” and its readings/hearings are extremely interesting. The female, spoken, magic words as well as the body language often shape or deny the intellectual worlds of gender. The women’s experiential experience, through ritual, builds identities, even if within an occasional environment of freedom and self-determination. Moments of resistance are marked, probably unconsciously, in the patriarchal status quo and in the image of the female self that this class constructs. By exploring the identities and the social roles of the gender in reality we examine how people, men and women, experience life in specific social and cultural contexts. The meanings, which are associated with gender and identities, eventually shape an understanding of the world and produce ideology. This fact implies a classification – however minimal – of those phenomena and their meanings that ensure the gendered status quo as a symbolic one. What were women trying to say through their magical rituals and when will we discover the importance of cultural consignment which the feminine mystique is bearing as a property and the ritual as action?