The Multiplicity of the Lyrical Subject in the Construction of Identities: Poetry and Visual Arts

  • Abstract:
    To face a pending work and the project to relating oneself is in some way the challenge of finding yourself in History, as History we know is what has been told to us, and finds itself conditioned by the dominance of a single speech, and where not all the voices have been listened to. Searching the way to tell is a way to make you present at history, and this implies to look at you, recognize and understand what you are. Modernity came to reveal the inconsistency of identity as something monolithic and eternal. Today’s individual, broken, so utterly shattered in all of the aspects that conform his personality and that have shaped him through time, will try to show it through narrative experiences which fit best to those multiple and variable condition. We want to pay attention to strategies adopted by women trying to speak about themselves at visual art and poetry with the intention of creating their own speech to overcome barriers set by that borrowed language, a language developed by and for History, the they felt strange. We will pay a particular interest to those activities which worked around the poetic individual decentralization which allowed the rupture of space and time necessary to gather at the same artistic form all those personalities we were and we are being at the moment of creation. Our goal is to compare and check the procedures followed in the operation, both in literature and visual art.