The Quest For A European Model

    • marius
    • Presentation speakers
      • Marius Radu, Dianoia

    After 20 years of democratic freedom and after other 5 years of European integration, the citizens of Romania are still considered “a second hand” division of Europeans, struggling to find their place in the choir of equitable voices, as identity, rights and status/quo. The same struggles are the seamably gossip subject for a lot of others citizen of the Old Continent and the policies of the EU quite unknown for many. Economic turmoil and the generalized financial insecurity divide the Europeans in euroskeptics and the so called much younger “E Generation”… as a demonstration for a very clear fact: the common unifying factor for all is still a utopic dream, and is still a lot to be done toward that. Therefore, what I try to emphasize in this paper, is an analysis of the validity of the nowadays models proposed by the EU leadership: the European Social Model vs. the Cultural and Media models. The dominant popular culture, the “high” elitist culture (the classic European way), or the economy of a multicultural high-tech globalized democratic technological convergence? That is the question…


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